We have been active on the European steel market since 2003. Our long experience in that field allows us to meet the requirements of even the most demanding Clients. Sale of II-class sheet metal without certificate constitutes the second pillar of our basic activity.

Our offer includes the following types of sheet metal:

  • cold-rolled
  • hot-rolled
  • galvanized.

These sheet metals are without certificate and they come from European secondary market. The materials from overproduction have no defects, while II-class sheet metal is classified with reference to its defects.

All types of sheet metal are offered in various thicknesses, formats and qualities. At the Client's request we cut sheet metal into sheets or strips, and we rewind coils into smaller ones.

We have our own warehouses located in Silesia. We maintain sufficient inventory allowing us to perform services for our Customers within short periods of time. Thanks to our own transport we are able to quickly deliver the orders on the entire territory of Poland.

Our Clients' satisfaction is guaranteed by our rich offer, attractive prices, trusted suppliers and long experience.  

P.P.H. Hen-Stol
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