In order to meet the needs of the market we have been dealing with recycling of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) waste for several years.

We purchase waste which is used as a material for production of regranulates. The purchase price of plastics depends on the content of impurities, quantity and uniformity of waste and the manner in which it is packed (bulk, bales or big-bags).

We purchase the following PP/PE waste: pipes, hoses, cans, Mauser containers, boxes, buckets, caps, transparent foil...

Our activity connected with recycling of plastics is performed in accordance with all environmental regulations applicable in Poland.

We hold appropriate authorization for collecting, transporting and recycling waste.

We issue Waste Transfer Notes (Polish KPO) and Documents Confirming Recycling (Polish DPR).

P.P.H. Hen-Stol
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