We are one of the leading manufacturers of Düsseldorf pallets. We specialize in production of pallets measuring 600 x 800 with metal and plastic bearers.

Our offer includes:

  • pallets made of fresh (wet) wood
  • pallets dried in a drying chamber
  • pallets dried in a drying chamber with IPPC certificate
  • used pallets
  • new second-class pallets (boards with dull edges).

We are able to realize orders within several days.

Precision of manufacture of pallets is guaranteed by an automatic pallets production line.

We manufacture internally and include in our sale offer all the elements of pallets, that is:

  • metal bearers (made of galvanized sheet metal with thickness range from 1 to 4mm),
  • plastic bearers,
  • rivets.

​We use 1,5mm thick metal bearers to produce I-class pallets. At Client's request we may also use bearers of another thickness: 1,00-4,00mm.

For the production of second-class pallets we usually use 1,20mm thick metal bearer. All elements of these pallets are new, yet the boards have dull edges (with bark).

Used pallets included in our offer come from secondary market. Our employees carefully check the quality of pallets. The damaged pallets are repaired, if it is necessary. Broken boards and damaged plastic bearers are replaced, while metal bearers are straightened or replaced with new ones, what depends on the degree of damage. After the repair the pallets may be used again. 

Manufacturer of Düsseldorf Pallets - Hen-Stol

I-class pallets

Manufacturer of Düsseldorf Pallets

II-class pallets

Manufacturer of Düsseldorf Pallets

Used pallets

We offer:

  • new I-class pallets 600x800 - wet or dry
  • new II-class pallets 600x800 (dull edge boards) wet or dry
  • used/repaired pallets 600x800

We have a substantial machine park at our disposal, as well as our own warehouses and transport. It allows us to execute orders quickly and within the time limits.

As one of the leading manufacturers of Düsseldorf pallets we cooperate with big companies from Poland and abroad.

We supply the domestic market with our pallets, as well as the markets of many countries of the European Union: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Great Britain. We do our best to satisfy our Clients. Our company displays high professionalism, proficiency and reliability, and our guiding principles are: quality, timeliness and competiveness. 

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